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Book Overview

The Book of Mudora Home
Book I
Book II
Book III
Book IV
Book V
Book VI: Chapter I
Book VI: Chaper II
Book VI: Chaper III
Book VI: Chaper IV
Book VI: Chaper V
Book VI: Chaper VI
Book VI: Chaper VII
Book VI: Chaper VIII
Book VI: Chaper IX
Book VII


The Book Overview

This is how Zelda Capital's Book of Mudora will go (subject to change):

Book I: Before Time
Book II: The Sacred Relic of the gods
Book III: The Holy Ones
Book IV: The Sacred Objects
Book V: The Foundation
Book VI: The Prophecy of Hyrule
Stupid Chapter I: The Twilight Revolution
Stupid Chapter II: The Princess of Hyrule
Stupid Chapter III: The Great War
Stupid Chapter IV: The War of Imprisonment
Stupid Chapter V: The Great Flood
Stupid Chapter VI: The New Land
Stupid Chapter VII: The Great Cataclysm
Stupid Chapter VIII: The Twilight's Return
Stupid Chapter IX: The Final Battle
Book VII: Benediction